Types of Bengali Wedding Programs

A Bengali bride seen from a Muslim Bengali wedding ceremony in Dhaka
In Bangladesh, a wedding is celebrated more gorgeously than any other occasions. No matter whether the families are rich or poor or middle class marriage ceremony is a matter of joy to everyone. From a kid to an old, everyone can enjoy wedding ceremony. Wedding is not matter of only one program. It is a bunch of many programs, small and large. As a wedding ceremony is not a matter of only one program, it takes much time to cover up all the programs. It is not necessary to celebrate all the programs. There is not any binding in Bangladesh to celebrate a certain amount of programs during wedding. Bride’s and groom’s families celebrate the programs as much as they want and can.

In Bangladesh there are few traditional wedding programs which is celebrated almost every wedding in this country. But recently some new programs are added which is a result of the influence of its neighbor culture, like culture of India and Pakistan. And few programs follow some western culture. No matter which culture that chooses, the reason of everything is having a joyful wedding ceremony mixing all together.

Marriage ceremony actually differs from religion to religion. Not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world. Because every religion has its own belief of God and follow their own dos and don’ts. Marriage is considered as most holy and spiritual bond between two people everyone wants to complete it in religious way. In Bangladesh, we mainly count four kinds of religions which are followed by most people. And each kind of these religions follows different types of programs of wedding. Now, let’s talk about them

MUSLIM Wedding:
  1. Holud
  2. Mehedi
  3. Akhth
  4. Biye
  5. Boubhat
  6. Firani

HINDU Wedding, CHIRSTIAN Wedding, BUDDHA Wedding:
Though different types of religions have different style of wedding programs, there are few programs which are added newly and celebrated by all kind of people. These are:
  1. Proposal sending
  2. Engagement
  3. Bridal shower
  4. Bachelorate party
  5. Reception
  6. Mehedi
By: Iffat Poroma

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