Bengali gaye holud facts

Bengalis are always fun loving. They look for fun and joy as much as they can. There are so many rituals and occasions they have made for enjoyment. They need a reason to enjoy. The most enjoyable occasion of them is “marriage”. Marriage is socially or ritually recognized a legal contract between man and woman that establishes rights and obligations between them. A marriage is a process of any rituals. Fockler says “Many rites within one ritual”. One of the rituals is called ‘gaye holud’. This is a pre-Wedding ceremony. Mainly this is a ritual where the bride and groom are applied turmeric and other herbs which are really good for skin like sandal, saffron, mehndi, mustard seed, sesame seed, fenugreek seed and many others.
At a Gaye Holud ceremony in Dhaka, there is a decorated Kula
of some herbs and lighting elements are seen
History of gaye holud
In the old days Gaye holud (Bengali: গায়ে হলুদ) was a part of the marriage ritual in the Indian Hindu community. Gradually, this event spreads in the Muslim Bengali society. Now it has become an integral part of any wedding in Bengali society.