Wedding Pagri

The groom looks beautiful in a beautiful Pagri

Wedding Palki Rent in Dhaka

Wedding Palki

Palki (Bengali: পালকি, English: Palanquin) was used as a human carrier in previous day. It is extinct now. But now, sophisticated people use it as a bridal carrier in wedding ceremony. It adds a different dimension to the wedding ceremony. Palki is mainly used to carry out the bride. If you wish add a traditional flavor in your wedding ceremony, you can use it.

Find Wedding Dala In Dhaka

Decorated dalas from a Bengali wedding

Gaye holud is one of the colorful part of Bengali Wedding. And surely wedding dala is attractive things in any gaye holud program. A beautifully decorated Wedding Dala makes the ceremony more attractive. Well decorated Dala with gifts enhance the beauty of the program and it shows your status too. On the other hand bride or groom’s family feels proud to see it.

Wedding Invitation Cards

A Bengali wedding invitation card made by Ideal products

A wedding card is the first steps of any wedding ceremony. The previous day guests had been invited to the wedding ceremony orally in a Bengali Wedding. In a village wedding, a particular community people were involved to invite guests. The old system was almost extinct in this modern era. Phone call or email one of the ways to invite guests. But it's not the sincere way in Bengali society. It may be dissatisfied some of guests. But now, wedding Card is a smart way to invite guests. This way, guests will also feel honored. It also brings memory.