Gaye Holud Dala Decoration Ideas

Turmeric paste, chocolates and another gifts In this picture
Turmeric on the body, turmeric ceremony or gaye holud (Bengali: গায়ে হলুদ) is the most interesting part of a wedding ceremony. It’s a colorful ceremony with music, dance and joy. Both family of Bride and groom arrange the ceremony separately. Sometimes, both families arrange the program jointly in one place. In the groom's gaye holud ceremony, the bride's family comes with various kinds of gifts. Same thing happens at Bride’s turmeric ceremony. Gifts are: groom or bride's clothing, cosmetics, shoes, clothing for family members, turmeric paste, sweets, fruits, cooked food, fish etc. These gifts are very beautifully decorated. All gifts are adorned in a beautiful cane or bamboo basket. This basket is called Wedding Dala.

Now question is how to decorate these all gifts?
Well, here is some ideas how you can decorate gaye holud gifts dala.

Wedding Cosmetics for Bride

Wedding Cosmetics Dala

Wedding Betel Leaf (Bengali: পান সুপারি)

Decorated Wedding Betel Leaf (Bengali: পান সুপারি)

Groom's Wedding Sherwani

Groom's Wedding Clothing

Groom's Wedding Sandals
Family Member's Clothing

Groom's Wedding Shoes

Groom's Wedding Shoes/Nagra


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