Hand-made or Creative Wedding Card

Show your style inviting your guest with a creative wedding card

Almost every card shops like Ideal Products and Azad Products provides customize design wedding card according your choice. If you do not like cards that are available in the market or they offer and if you want a different kind of creative wedding card, you can make yourself according your choice and theme. This is great way if you have some creative knowledge. But if you can not do it yourself, search for another way.

Gaye Holud Food Dala Decoration Ideas

Gaye Holud Food and Fruit Decoration Ideas

Dala Decoration Ideas are here

Gaye Holud Fruits

Wedding Flower Bed Decoration Ideas

Flower Beds (In Bengali: বাসর ঘর or ফুল শয্যা) part of Bengali traditional wedding ceremony. Marriage is a memorable day in everyone's life. Flower beds also memorable moment as well as wedding ceremony. Every bride-groom wants to be the flower-bed will be much more charming in decoration. Here are a few pictures of Bengali flower bed decoration. From this post you can get the ideas.

Gaye Holud Dala Decoration Ideas

Turmeric paste, chocolates and another gifts In this picture
Turmeric on the body, turmeric ceremony or gaye holud (Bengali: গায়ে হলুদ) is the most interesting part of a wedding ceremony. It’s a colorful ceremony with music, dance and joy. Both family of Bride and groom arrange the ceremony separately. Sometimes, both families arrange the program jointly in one place. In the groom's gaye holud ceremony, the bride's family comes with various kinds of gifts. Same thing happens at Bride’s turmeric ceremony. Gifts are: groom or bride's clothing, cosmetics, shoes, clothing for family members, turmeric paste, sweets, fruits, cooked food, fish etc. These gifts are very beautifully decorated. All gifts are adorned in a beautiful cane or bamboo basket. This basket is called Wedding Dala.

Now question is how to decorate these all gifts?
Well, here is some ideas how you can decorate gaye holud gifts dala.

Bangladeshi Wedding Photographer and Agency List

Hire a photographer for your wedding and make your memory alive

Now a day, 
you can not plan in your wedding ceremony without photography. Cause, photography retains strong memories. Once a time the wedding ceremony will be end and photography will carry those sweet memories in your whole life. That’s why, hiring a photographer is essential to capture your wedding ceremony. In our country there are many professional photographers and agencies working in this field. Maximum numbers of prominent professional photographers and agencies located in Dhaka; however, they provide services to the whole country. Here is a long list of well-known Bangladeshi photographers and agencies including contact details, phone number and their facebook link. Talk to them and find your photographer easily. Happy Life!
Bangladeshi Wedding Photography

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