Wedding Flower Shops in Dhaka

Find your wedding flower and flower decoration solution in Dhaka

Wedding Flower shop at Shahbagh, Dhaka
The flower beds are an integral part of any marriage. Today, for decorating a flower bed event management companies are the best. New ideas and designs are available to them. However, if you want to decorate your flower bed by your own or with the help of your family members then of course you’ll have to buy flowers.

Wholesale Flower Market at Shahbagh, Dhaka

Gaye Holud Bride Decoration sample picture
Shown at Shahbagh Wholesale Flower Market

Where to buy? If you live in Dhaka then Shahbagh is a best place for buying flowers. It is the country's largest flower market. There are many flower shops are open from 10am until 10pm. Small quantity can be purchased from the flower shop. But if you need more flowers then it is better to buy from the wholesale market. Wholesale market is only in the morning time. Wholesale market is only in the morning. Starting from dawn until around 9am flowers are traded there. It’s much cheaper to buy flowers from the wholesale market.
Women making Flower Chaplet in Shahbag Wholesale Flower Market

Wholesale Flower Market at Shahbagh, Dhaka

A Flower shop in Shahbagh, Dhaka

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