Easy Marriage Loan for Bangladeshi Bride and Groom

Personal loans can be the perfect solution if you are really worried about the cost of the wedding

Now, your marriage will be more enjoyable.
Marriage is a very important moment in everyone’s life. Everyone has a dream about a beautiful wedding ceremony what will be memorable to everyone. But not everyone can do that, because it is the need to spend money; whether it costs more or less.

If you are thinking for the expenditure of your wedding ceremony, personal or marriage loans can be a solution to meet the financial needs of your marriage. Many of our private commercial banks are offering personal and marriage loans for Bangladeshi citizens. Some banks offer loans specifically for marriage, but almost all banks offer personal loans. So if your bank does not have loan for marriage, there is nothing to worry about; you can just take a personal loan and meet the cost of your wedding ceremony.

So now remove the worry
about money and make your
wedding ceremony luxurious.
The terms and conditions may vary depending on the bank. However, some common issues are like:

*Minimum 22 years at the time of application and Maximum 65 years at the end of loan tenor.

Monthly earning/salary:
* BDT 15,000.00 to 30,000.00 for government and non-government employee.
* BDT 30,000.00 to 50,000.00 for self employed person (Doctor, engineer etc.)
* BDT 30,000.00 to 50,000.00 for landlord/landlady

Loan amount:
* BDT 50,000.00 to 3,00,000.00 as marriage loan
* BDT 50,000.00 to 10,00,000.00 as personal loan

Employment period:
* 1 to 3 years for government and non-government employee
* 2/3+ years for self employed or business person

* One or two personal guarantees
Post-dated cheque

Loan tenor:
* One to five years

This is a picture taken from a
bank's website: here showing
information about wedding loans.
Still you want to know more? Well, look at below. Here is some Bangladeshi private commercial bank that provides marriage and personal loans. We hope, this will help you. Happy Wedding!

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