Sylheti marriage

Bangladeshi uses Helicopter in a Marriage Ceremony

Marriage in Sylhet region of Bangladesh

The format of traditional marriage ceremony with henna (mehendi) and with prayer is commonly held. Sylheti marry partner’s rights and obligations for both of the marriage contract often include outlining. Habitually the marriage partner, the United Kingdom and the United States are performed in Sylhet.

The song is usually sung by women at the wedding ceremony. Some of the most popular wedding songs in Sylhet region, which kind of song almost all the women can sing. So everyone can match the tone with the song. Recently this kind of traditional marriage song is singing less people in a wedding ceremony. Now a day in any family programs including wedding ceremony Hindi songs and modern Bangla dance song becomes popular.

Now a day

In Sylhet region marriage in a Muslim family wedding was once Hindu practices of many things. Marriage in Sylhet region, the wedding car is a regular and casual affection. How aggressively the car of groom bigger that shows nobility of a medium of expression. Recently they using helicopter in marriage too. It is expensive to use. Currently In the situation, in a Sylhety wedding spending lot of money is symbol of good social status. People of Sylhet region brought foreign remittances from Middle East and London. That’s why wedding Events effect solemn for money.
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