Finding bride or groom via internet becoming popular in India

A modern couple of India doing marriage

Over the Internet to find the husband or companion in the last few years become very popular. is one of them. is already become the world's largest matrimonial website. India has more matrimonial website to help youth find favorite partner or companion. In this Internet age the traditional practices are now breaking. Many people now go online to find a life partner. On the web different kinds of boy and girl have to do marry. Some doctors, some airport staff, some engineer, business person. There are fashion designers also. In many western countries the dating website is standard and popular media to choose partner or companion for marriage. But in India all the relationships that develop on the Internet, it is a big difference with that. In India, son and daughter’s father - mother also go to the website to find life partner for them. After many years inoperative trying to find a bride or groom solution has to come online, there are many instances around in India. One representative of thinks that, many matchmaking websites like them helping to break the traditional social stigma.

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