Bangladeshi marriage biodata format

Bangladeshi marriage bio-data making

There are two kinds of marriage in our country. One is love marriage and another is arranged marriage. If you wish to do arrange marriage, first of all here also you need to provide a marriage bio-data to a freelancer matchmaker or matchmaking organization for a perfect match.

Today's technology has seen the rise of social networking sites such as MyspaceFacebook and Bebo etc. Any single person can find his or her life partner through this way. Aside from these popular websites, there are also dating and marriage sites to help single people to find their perfect match. In a matchmaking website you need to submit a bio-data. Candidates submit a marriage bio-data is kind of resume. The process of making a marriage bio-data may be like a job application.

Marriage bio-data format as like bellow


  • Date of Birth: write date of birth with year
  • Height: 5'0"
  • Weight: write weight in kilogram
  • Eye Color : write eye color 
  • Place of Birth: Dhaka/London
  • Place of Residence: Dhaka/NY
  • Cityzenship Status: Bangladeshi/UK Citizen
  • Education: BSC/BA/Etc.
  • Marital Status: (specify whether never married, separated/divorced with or without children) etc.
  • Habits: (lifestyle practices such as smoking, vegetarianism, etc.) 
  • Religion: Muslim/Hindu
  • Educational Qualifications: (including the name of the school and degrees completed should be sufficient)

Professional Details:
  • Job status: (this may be omitted if currently working or studying) 
  • Company name and Job Profile: (simply describe where you work and what you do in life)

Additional info:

  • Person to Contact: write name here
  • Relation: Father
  • Address: write address here
  • Email: write email address here
  • Tel: 00880xxxxxxxxxxx (mobile/land phone)


  • Father:  write name here 
  • Mother: write name here
  • Family member: write family member's name and another useful information

Also add a nice picture.

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