About ghotok pakhi vai and his work

Ghotok Pakhi Vai

About Ghotok Pakhi Vai
Ghotok Pakhi Bhai engaged in this matchmaking job for about 41 years. He is well known for his work in Bangladesh. About 9000 marriage successfully done by him. His interview was circulated many times in many TV channels like BTV and other Private television channel and also at different kinds of newspaper of Bangladesh. His
 organization Ghotok Pakhi Vai Pvt. Ltd. is an old marriage service provider organization in Dhaka and in whole country too. His organization is government approved and licensed organization.

Ghotok Pakhi Vai's work
Ghotok pakhi bhai providing marriage service for all kind of people like Doctor, Engineer, BCS officer, Army officer, Navy and Air Force officer, Pharmacist, Chartered Accounted, Banker, Police Officer, Top ranked officer in different mobile companies and many more. He served for highly educated NRB person from America, Canada, London, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, china and different European countries citizen and also divorcee Man & Women.

Ghotok Pakhi vai (bhai) says about love

Last Valentine's Day, one of Bangladesh's leading matchmaker Ghotok Pakhi Bhai shares his secret to long-lasting love.

Ghotok Pakhi Bhai is a 60-year-old spiritual guru, has been happily married with two (02) wives for the past 40 years.
Having arranged more than 10,000 marriages across the globe, he says friendship is the key to a long-lasting and happy marriage life.
Al Jazeera's Nicolas Haque reports from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi marriage and dowry system

Bangladeshi marriage and dowry system Fact

Bangladeshi bride and groom
Are you a girl? Do you wish to make marry? In Bangladesh dowry system still needed. Now a day many groom demand dowry for own. This is too old tradition in Bangladesh, India Nepal and nearby country's. Groom also demands motorbike, cycle, TV, radio, furniture, watch, land, house, car, clothes, kitchenware, job, air ticket, mortgage, education cost, trading support or cash etc.