About Ghotok Pakhi Vai (Bhai)

Ghotok Pakhi Bhai : Legend in Matchmaking Service

Ghotok Pakhi Vai
Ghotok Pakhi Bhai Pvt Ltd has been running hi service successfully ever since independence. He is one of the country's old matchmaker. After his Old Dhaka office started to get too crowded he took an office at Eastern Plaza and has been operating from there for 16 years now. He is one of the country's old ghataka

People come to Pakhi Bhai's marriage agency and ask for a bride or groom with certain qualities and qualifications. The agency then provides them with the CVs of people who have such qualities. A bride/groom (or their guardians) narrow down the choices and the agency calls the other party up for a possible first meeting. The parties who agree then meet each other in a 'viewing room' attached to Pakhi Bhai's office. After a satisfactory first meeting the talks and negotiations take off from there.

Ghotok Pakhi Vai
Pakhi Vai engaged in this job for years. About 8000 marriage was done by him. His interview was circular many times in many TV channels like BTV. Different kinds of newspaper published his interview.


Ghotok Pakhi Vai
Room no 9/27, 8th floor, Eastern Plaza, Hatirpul,
Sonargoan Road, Dhaka-1205 Bangladesh
Phone: 9668517, Fax: 9662525
Mobile: 01711-563853, 01552-433537 
His blog ghotokpakhivai.blogspot.com


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